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Foreign Nationals Auto Leasing / Holand全球汽车租赁

We welcome foreign nationals

Holand Leasing is happy to provide automotive leasing and financing to foreign nationals from all over the world. With a wide inventory from affordable choices to luxury and exotic cars, we can help you acquire any vehicle you need.




About Holand Leasing
Since 1979, Holand has been providing consumer financing and leasing options across Canada. With Holand, clients avoid large cash outlays and benefit from personalized leases that fit their needs and requirements. Holand has automobile loans and financing solutions for all situations and budgets.

关于Holand Leasing



What you need to apply

  • Signed and completed Credit Application
  • Copy of applicant's driver's license
  • Proof of citizenship/status
  • Proof of residence (if applicable)
  • Proof of home-ownership if applicable
  • Last 6 months of bank statements
  • Year/Make/Model of vehicle (a copy of the bill of sale would be best)
  • 签署并填写信用表格
  • 机动车驾驶证的复印件
  • 公民及其他身份的相关证明
  • 居住证明(如果适用)
  • 房屋财产证明(如果适用)
  • 最近6个月的银行流水
  • 机动车年份、制造商、型号(如能提供销售账单最佳)


To get a quote
Please contact us by phone or email.

Isaac Wu
T 514-662-9809


Gary Wolkove
T 647-977-9152

Al Katzberg
T 647-977-9054

Christian Haykal
T 604-790-7062

Meir Y. Bitton
T 514-739-3601 ext 229

Viki Forese
T 514-739-3601 ext 230