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L'Héritage du nec plus ultra de Rolls-Royce

L'Héritage du nec plus ultra de Rolls-Royce

The art of finding a Rolls-Royce in Montreal is simply to go to Holand Automotive Group . Where we find all that is the ultra luxury of Montreal and Quebec.

You wonder why buy a Rolls-Royce when you will very rarely be able to walk around in it? It is of course in order to enjoy this luxury but it is also for its heritage rich in history.

A Rolls-Royce, well, it's not just a car, it's the epitome of cars, in short, the king of cars, as the owners would say. And these owners are successful businessmen, athletes, people who don't show up but rather send someone to order the apple of their eye. And this, because these people know very well what they want, so much so that they order their car by telephone and have it made to measure, according to their specificities.


Much like Montreal, the Rolls-Royce is traditional but also expensive and lends itself to power. She recalls those years when the crème de la crème came to Montreal to party, or to celebrate the Olympic Games. And the Rolls-Royce ensures that you will never go unnoticed. Whether in your relationship with the dealer, with the public or passers-by, you will always be the star.

Today, it is the stars, such as young inventors or start-up investors who visit Rolls-Royce dealerships in search of the ultimate vehicle. They are in their twenties or thirties and want to signal on the road that they are successful. Sales representatives must therefore be attentive to visitors regardless of their attire to avoid an unfortunate event à la Pretty Woman , “  Big mistake! Huge! “, she said!

So while there is an array of luxury cars available for all to see, none evoke the prestige and possess the presence that a Rolls-Royce offers. Rolls-Royce's history includes the production of aircraft engines, the famous acquisition of its fierce competitor WO Bentley as well as several restructuring efforts culminating in its introduction into the BMW group, it remains, of course, that Rolls-Royce Royce is an icon in the world of automotive producers.

More than a century after its original design, Rolls-Royce offers vehicles that make every fantasy possible for avid buyers. It reminds us that it sets the highest standards in the automotive industry.

In short, if it's these high standards that attract you or the fact that the Rolls-Royce of your dreams can be built according to your wishes, don't hesitate to take a look in the Holand Automotive Group showroom. You won't be disappointed, it will bring you closer to turning heads when you drive your Rolls-Royce. Nothing less!

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