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Les sept avantages d'acheter une voiture de luxe chez un concessionnaire de Montréal

Les sept avantages d'acheter une voiture de luxe chez un concessionnaire de Montréal

When it comes time to buy a luxury car, several questions arise. One of these questions is whether you should buy your luxury car from a private individual or rather do business with a dealer. Well, that's one of the questions we asked ourselves and here are the seven benefits of buying a luxury car from a luxury car dealership in Montreal. Several reasons push the buyer towards a sports car in Montreal including safety, resale value, prestige, aesthetics and comfort, technology, maintenance, performance, and more. When you decide to buy your luxury car from a dealership in Montreal, such as Holand Automotive Group, you will be delighted with the impeccable service offered. Here are the seven advantages of buying your luxury car from a dealership in Montreal.



They aren't always safer (lightweight, super-fast convertibles being the obvious exception), but luxury cars tend to offer more safety features than their non-luxury counterparts. Thus, these sedans receive better results in crash tests. And you will find this information at a dealership since an individual will certainly not have all these studies in hand, nor do their homework as a sales representative at Holand Automotive Group or yourself can.

  1. Technology

Historically, luxury cars have always offered the latest and greatest in safety (anti-lock braking system, surveillance cameras) and entertainment technologies (headrest integrated TV screens, Bluetooth) before these options were offered. to the general public. And these options, you will be able to choose them with the help of a sales representative in a dealership in Montreal. While buying through an individual, you will not be able to choose the luxurious options that you like since the previous owner will have chosen them to his liking.

  1. The full interview

  Certified pre-owned vehicle programs like BMW's offer comprehensive roadside assistance - and the confidence that comes with the notion that only vehicles that meet BMW's exacting standards and pass its certification process receive the vehicle designation. 'used certified. According to Jim McDonnell, president of BMW North America, BMWs purchased new are well maintained before they even become certified pre-owned vehicles, as the German company offers free maintenance and roadside assistance during the first four years of ownership. Finally, the dealership can offer you this benefit when an individual is not able to offer free maintenance. 

  1. Lower depreciation rate and higher resale value

Indeed, the resale value of a luxury car is much higher - and the depreciation lower - than in the case of a standard vehicle. That said, it becomes advantageous to buy more luxurious and then consider it as an investment when reselling.

  1. Consistent quality

According to the results of the JD Power Initial Quality Survey, Inniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Porsche and Toyota are the brands with the highest overall quality. Four of them - Inniti, Lexus, Mercedes and Porsche - are premium brands. For example, Lexus has retained the title of the world's most reliable car for almost ten consecutive years. It is therefore not nothing to invest in a luxury vehicle.

  1.  Prestige 

One can not deny it. Heads turn when an Audi R8, Jaguar XF or Aston Martin DB9 enters our line of sight. They are parked in the best spots in the parking lots and announce your roaring arrival in society - or at least in your prestigious golf club.

  1.  The beauty and comfort of the top of the range 

Finally, let's not forget that luxury cars exude aesthetics and comfort. The slender curves of the Jaguars and Porsches of this world cannot go unnoticed on the streets of Montreal. In addition, comfort is assured in a luxurious and warm interior such as that of the Mercedez-Benz with its wooden inserts, or with the heated seats for the harsh winter of Quebec. In short, these seven advantages underline the importance of being accompanied in the purchase of the luxury car of your dreams and it is at Holand Automotive Group that you will find the ideal representative ready to serve you in the process.

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